Jason Lanier details 10 Reasons why he, a Professional Photographer, left Nikon and started shooting with Sony Mirrorless cameras

Jason Lanier a world renown Wedding Photographer and a lifelong Nikon shooter, details why he now shoots with Sony Mirrorless cameras.

He touches on price, 4K video capability, 409,000 (not a typo) ISO capability, being able to shoot at over 10 frames per second using a $650 Sony A6000. 

I loved his take on moveable rear LCD panels (something which made my life easier when shooting exotic cars for example)

This video was not sponsored by Sony. Pro Photogs will possibly get miffed viewing this video, especially if they are Nikon Fanboys. BTW, not once does Jason Lanier bash Nikon. He still owns his D4S, his D3S and D800 and lots of Nikon glass. He just states that his Sony gear is remarkably better and then details exactly why. He also makes a heck of a lot of sense.


Video is courtesy of the Jason Lanier YouTube channel.



Posted by: Vincent Banial

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