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DPReview users voted the Pentax K3 as the best DSLR of 2013

DPReview is running a poll of it’s users, to vote on what they feel are the best cameras of 2013.
The Pentax K3 is voted as being the best DSLR of 2013The really surprising thing about the Pentax K3 voting is that out of the people who voted for the K3, twice the number of people want one but do not own one, when compared to the number of actual K3 owners who had voted for it.The Olympus OM-D E-M1 was voted as the best Mirrorless camera of 2013.

Click on this line to get to the DPReview page, where it looks like voting is still taking place


Prediction – only Canon and Sony will survive. Smartphones killing the Japanese Camera Makers. Just like Digital killed film in the past

My prediction is that in a few years, only Canon and Sony will still be in the Camera business.

Do you remember some of the great Film SLR manufacturers? Manufacturers such as Konica, Yashica, Mamiya, Contax and Bronica come to mind.

Even Minolta, who had the first cameras with Auto Focus, is out of the cameras making business.

Canon produces a lot more stuff than just digital cameras. They also produce Digital Camera Sensors.

Sony makes some great cameras, but more importantly they make Digital Camera Sensors and lots of other consumer goods.

Pentax has focused on the APS-C DSLR market. A full frame DSLR from Pentax may arrive later in 2014.

The Japanese Mirrorless Camera group includes FujiFilm, Panasonic and Olympus. Olympus has Sony backing it. Panasonic produces lots of consumer goods, but I’m not sure how profitable it is.

Mirrorless Camera sales outside of Japan have never caught on and are starting to drop.

Compact Camera sales worldwide have tanked.

Camera makers, IMHO, have stayed afloat thanks to the large number of compact cameras sold. Yes they made far less money (per camera sold) when compared to their DSLR sales, but Compact Cameras had huge sales volume.

Smartphones have cameras. Tablet computers of all sorts have digital cameras. They also make it easy for the consumer to share their photos with so called Social Media sites, like Facebook.

The quality of smartphone cameras is more than good enough for consumers. Posting a file on Facebook does not require the same file quality as a 16×20 inch physical print would. The quality benefit of DSLRs and their larger sensors is mute.

I suspect that the micro four thirds mirrorless market could disappear. APS-C cameras from Sony showed that you can put a larger sensor in a small body, with their NEX line.

Sadly I also suspect that more grande names will join the dust bin of history. My feeling is that Canon and Sony will survive. They produce a broad range of other products. They also produce their own camera sensors.

Sony in particular has spent massive amounts of money, over the last couple of years, to vastly increase the output capability of their Digital Sensor Fabs.

Sony was way ahead of the game, as they were heavily investing in Digital Camera Sensor fabs since at least 2010.

The next battleground I believe will be with Full Frame sensor DSLR cameras. As prices fall, there will be no point to buying APS-C sensor cameras. That will also help absorb Sony’s  Sensor manufacturing capacity.

The Chicago Tribune recently published a Reuters article about the sad state of the Japanese Camera Industry.

A major wild card is the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant with fresh plumes of radioactive steam rising above one of the damaged reactors near the end of December 2013. You have lots of Camera and Lens factories, 1/2 an hour to an hour away from that nuclear plant. Canon and Sony have factories located far away, elsewhere in Japan.

Sony A7 declared Camera of the Year. Pentax K3 declared best cropped sensor DSLR by the guys at The Camera Store

Video is courtesy of TheCameraStoreTV YouTube Channel

The guys at The Camera Store have come out with a video of their choices for the Camera of the Year. They cover both still and video cameras.

The DSLRs of 2013 are covered around the 5 minute mark.

The Sony A7 got the title for the Camera of the Year.

The Pentax K3 was honoured with 2nd place,  and also declared to be the best cropped sensor DSLR.

At about the 8 minute mark they start discussing their choice for the “worst” cameras. This section was rather surprising.

Pentax K3 Operating Manual available for download

To download the Pentax K3 manual, first click on the following link: to go to Ricoh’s website in Europe.
On that page choose Digital SLR in the Product Group box.Then choose Pentax K3 in the Product box.

Links to the Pentax K3 Operating Manual, in about 21 languages will be displayed.

Click on the language of choice, to download the Pentax K3 Operating Manual.

The following link will bring you to Ricoh’s US site to learn details about the Pentax K3.

Sony a7R is at the Top of the Best Sellers of Digital Cameras at B&H. The Pentax K3 is in spot #30

For the Sony a7R to be included on that list, it must be per-ordered (I assume). If that is true then a heck of lot of people must be pre-ordering the new Sony a7R.

What about the sister Sony model, the Sony a7 ?

The Sony a7 is sitting further down the list in spot #28.

The new Pentax K3 is following close to the Sony a7, in spot #30. That actually is pretty awesome for Pentax, as the K3 is not a Full Frame DSLR.

Since B&H Photo Video are huge retailers of Photo and Video gear, this bodes well for both Sony and also for Pentax. One could infer from the B&H Best Sellers list, that at present the Sony a7R is the Best Selling Digital camera in the USA.

Disclaimer: The above is subject to change without notice.

New Pentax K3 sample images and hands on review videos

Ricoh has released the latest Pentax DSLR, named the K3.

It is a top range APS-C DSLR. Thom Hogan referred to the latest Pentax DSLR as the Pentax D400, in reference to the much wanted (by Nikon users) but yet unavailable Nikon D400.

Ricoh, parent company of Pentax, has released sample images on Ricoh’s Japanese website.

There is another web page with Pentax K3 sample images on Ricoh’s Japanese website.

B&H Photo Video already has the Pentax K3 available for pre-order.

The following is a good video of a hands on review of the new Pentax K3. It is in Spanish, but it will give visual impressions of the features, looks and size of the Pentax K3. Not hard to follow along with this informative and well made video review.

Video is courtesy of Foro Pentaxeros and their YouTube channel

The following is a brief video review of the Pentax K3, in English this time.

Video courtesy of CNETTV and their YouTube channel

Adobe Lightroom 5.2 released. Supports Canon 70D, Sony A3000 and other new cameras

Adobe has just released the latest Adobe Lightroom v5.2.

New cameras such as the Canon 70D and Canon G16, are now supported.

Other cameras such as the Sony A3000, the Pentax K50, the Pentax K500 and some of the newest cameras from Leica, Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic are also now supported.

You can read more info about about  Lightroom v5.2 and find download links at Adobe’s Lightroom Journal.

Using old flash units on new digital cameras. How to damage your new DSLR by attaching an old High Trigger Voltage electronic flash to it.

The bargain bins at camera shops often have assorted Electronic Flash units. Especially the bins with the old junk. One man’s junk is another man’s gold. Sometimes that new-found bargain will cost you dearly, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Back in the film camera days, even the low-end SLR cameras could handle a flash trigger voltage of around 250 volts. Sometimes it could be even higher. That was from the hot shoe, not just the sync connector. Continue reading