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Fake ice cubes for shooting liquids

We’ve all seen liquor ads which featured a superbly lit glass full of liquor, splashing over amazing ice cubes.

Grants Whiskey, behind the scenes from David Lund on Vimeo.

 Homemade “real” ice cubes straight out of your freezer, never look like the ice cubes in ads. They also melt.

One source of superb fake ice cubes is the Ice Prop Shop.

Their premier line is made up of “handmade” ice cubes. They come in small, medium and large sizes. Shapes include Freeform, Rectangular and Wedges. The prices for the handmade freeform ice cubes is between $40 to $50.

Their more cost effective line are the machine made Display Ice Cubes. Single cubes cost under $2 each and are available in small, medium and large groups for under $20 for each size.

They also have packets of small fake ice granules for realistic crushed ice effects.

Also check out their unique ice cubes. These are large 4 inch cubes and may be sold out by the time you read this.

The Ice Prop Shop solves the problem of finding really high quality fake ice cubes. Hope that this post helps out our readers wanting to try shooting some liquids and ice pics…


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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Legged Support System. Would make a great Accessory for Landscape, Wildlife and Bird Photographers

A backpack filled with Camera Gear can weigh a ton.

The weight of the equipment is the one common complaint amongst Landscape, Wildlife and Bird photographers.

What if you did not have to carry all that stuff?

Yes you could bring it all (and more), just use the new Legged Support System.

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Dixie Dixon interview including a selection of her Commerical Fashion photography

I’m jealous! Fstoppers pulled off something rather special.

Ok, I am not actually jealous. Kudos to fstoppers for interviewing Dixie Dixon, an amazing photographer. Continue reading

Canon 70D Real World review by a Wedding Photographer.

I find that there are too many marketing type reviews of camera gear. Real World reviews and tests are preferable, so I look for them.

Shooting weddings is demanding of both the photographer and his camera. This Real World review of the Canon 70D is by respected Wedding Photographer Tom Keotting.

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Dixie Dixon. One seriously amazing photographer

Last week I was lucky enough to catch a Fashion Shooting session held by Dixie Dixon with  CreativeLIVE.

She was shooting tethered, so you could see her shots as they came out of the camera (no post processing). Strikingly beautiful photos straight out of the camera.

Dixie Dixon detailed what she was doing and why. You saw the lighting setup and she explained whenever she changed something.

She had really great rapport with her models, which is real important.

Just found out that Dixie Dixon is also a Nikon Ambassador. I mention that because it could mean that she will very likely be holding more shooting sessions, which one can join over the internet.

Keep an eye on the Dixie Dixon Facebook Page page for any upcoming opportunity to catch her doing her magic. You’ll learn a lot.

Clutts Agency had posted a brief behind the scenes video of the Dixie Dixon Beverly Drive Magazine shoot. Fun to watch.

Her Tumbr Blog has some stuff which might be of interest. In one entry, she diagrams and discusses a lighting setup for the photo shown.

Also check out her Dixie Dixon website, to see a number of her photos, get an idea of the gear she uses and lots of other things

Seriously amazing photographer.

What are Photo Credits really worth?

Photographers often get asked for their images. Rarely do such requests include any mention of payment of “money”, to acquire a license to use said image or images.

More often then not, such requests will inform the Photographer (ie the copyright owner) that they will receive a “Photo Credit” for the use of an image or images.

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Dear Photographer …Kindest regards, Model. xxx by Jen Brook

In mid March Jen Brook created a post on her Blog called: Dear Photographer …Kindest regards, Model. xxx

If you have never had a shoot with a Model, then her post will be a real insight to read. Those who have had photo shoots with Models will also get an inside perspective from the Model.

In such a situation both the Photog and the Model can really make the photos stand out – or not.  Both parties will likely be nervous at first, especially if they had not worked together before. Continue reading

The Donut Camera has arrived. New digital camera which looks like a delicious donut (doughnut).

Digital Photography keeps advancing at a fast clip. One of the greatest advances must be this new Digital Donut camera. Google prohibits posting identical material on multiple sites. I had posted about this new digital camera on my other blog. To read that article plse CLICK HERE.