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Jason Lanier, a Pro Wedding Photographer switched from using a Nikon D800 to a Sony A6000, in the middle of a Disneyland Wedding shoot

Jason Lanier is a “really good” Wedding Photog. Up until, about the middle of Oct 2014, he would shoot Wedding using a Nikon kit including a D4S, a D3S and a D800 DSLR.

During the summer of 2014 Jason Lanier purchased a Sony A6000 camera, out curiosity about Sony’s mirrorless system.

About a week later, he was booked to shoot a wedding at Disneyland and so along came the Sony A6000.

He shot the couple’s First Look with the Nikon D800. Then he tried out the Sony A6000. He was so blown away by the ease of use, functionality, and image quality that he ended up using it for the entire wedding. His Nikon D800 was always there just in case he felt a need for it. Guess what, he didn’t.

Jason Lanier also films his all Wedding Shoots, as they happen. So his transition to the Sony A6000 was recorded.

This video shows what transpired as Jason started to shoot with the Sony A6000, along with Jason’s comments as it was happening.

Really nice of Jason Lanier to share this insightful video.


Video is courtesy of the Jason Lanier YouTube channel



Posted by: Vincent Banial

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New Sony A7M2 camera now available for per-order in the USA. To ship in early December

The Sony Store in the USA is taking perorders for the new Sony A7-2 camera. Interestingly one has to do a search on the Sony Store website for “Sony A7 2”  or “Sony A7M2” to find it.

The A7-2 camera is still “not” showing up on the Sony Store Canada website.

The estimated ship date posted on the Sony Store USA is Dec 08 2014. As I had stated in my prior post on the new Sony A7-2, it was possibly held back in North America until after the Black Friday hoopla has subsided.

Amazon in the US has the camera listed at $1,698.00 for the body only. Preorders are being taken. Shipping is only available to 50 US States. No international shipment.

The official Sony model name is ILCE7M2

Amazon is stating that the camera will be released on Dec 09 2014. That could imply that they might already have stock which has been quarantined until the agreed upon release date.

Amazon in the US also lists the Sony A7-2 complete with a Sony 28-70mm lens for $1,998.00. No details about the 28-70mm lens were posted. Only preorders are being taken, with the same “Release Date” of Dec 09 2014.

Tony Northrop has always posted informative reviews on YouTube. He recently added a Sony A7 2 Preview on Youtube which you can view below.

Video is courtesy of the Tony Northrup YouTube Channel

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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DPReview users voted the Pentax K3 as the best DSLR of 2013

DPReview is running a poll of it’s users, to vote on what they feel are the best cameras of 2013.
The Pentax K3 is voted as being the best DSLR of 2013The really surprising thing about the Pentax K3 voting is that out of the people who voted for the K3, twice the number of people want one but do not own one, when compared to the number of actual K3 owners who had voted for it.The Olympus OM-D E-M1 was voted as the best Mirrorless camera of 2013.

Click on this line to get to the DPReview page, where it looks like voting is still taking place

Legged Support System. Would make a great Accessory for Landscape, Wildlife and Bird Photographers

A backpack filled with Camera Gear can weigh a ton.

The weight of the equipment is the one common complaint amongst Landscape, Wildlife and Bird photographers.

What if you did not have to carry all that stuff?

Yes you could bring it all (and more), just use the new Legged Support System.

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Sony a7 and a7R sample photos with RAW files and hands on preview

The Imaging Resource site has posted previews of the Sony a7 and also the Sony a7R.

Along with their reviews, they have made available sample photos and Raw files from both Sony cameras.

Please be considerate about which RAW file and how many files that you download from their site.

The Sony a7R sample photo RAW files are huge, at about 37 megs in size.

It was nice of Imaging Resource to make the sample image RAW files available.

Click on the following link to read the Sony a7 Review posted on Imaging Resource.

Click on the following link to view the Sony a7 sample photos gallery with RAW file download links at imaging Resource.

Click on the following link to read the Sony a7R Review posted on Imaging Resource.

Click on the following link to view the Sony a7R sample images gallery with RAW file download links at Imaging Resource.

Phase One IQ260 60 megapixel medium format digital back, hands on review. Used with a Phase One DF+ Medium Format body and a Schneider 80mm LS (Leaf Shutter) lens

Photo Professional magazine has published a hands on review of  Phase One’s IQ260 Medium Format gear.

Photographer Andy Kruczek made an interesting comparison about the cost of the Phase One IQ260 camera/back/lens which he was testing. In essence the gear was valued at the same price of a new Porsche Boxster.

Click on the following link to download from Phase One. a PDF of the actual hands one review of the Phase One IQ260  which was published in Photo Professional magazine.

Sony a7R Sample Images shot in Toronto Canada, the USA and in London England

Downtown Camera is a great Toronto brick and mortar camera shop,  located on Queen St (just east of Yonge St). They were given a hands on demo of the new Sony a7R and were allowed to take sample photos.

Those sample pics are now posted on Flikr. Of course they are not amazingly great photographs, due to only having a few minutes to play with the new camera. Most were shot outside of the store. The alley shot is good for checking how shadow detail is handled.

They were also shot with a pre-production  Sony a7R camera. Rather surprising to be allowed to shoot sample photos and also share them.

Just click on the following link to view the sample images taken with the new Sony a7R by Downtown Camera in Toronto.

Luminous Landscapes posted a hands on review of the new Sony a7R, along with a sample photo. They even tried the Sony a7R with their 14-24mm Nikkor lens via a Novaflex adapter.

Mark at Photography Blog has posted 46 sample images taken using a pre-production Sony a7R.

Richard Kilpatrick has posted some Sony a7R sample images on PBase. He had a chance to shoot with pre-production cameras of both the Sony a7 and the Sony a7R, at the Sony event in London.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that the photos were all taken using a pre-production Sony a7R.

Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 works in Photoshop Elements 11

I manually installed version 8.2 of Adobe Camera Raw into Photoshop Elements version 11.

Again, the install was done manually.

I first downloaded the new Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 from Adobe’s site. I then extracted the Camera Raw file and renamed the 1003 file to Camera Raw.8bi.

Since PS Elements 11 is 32bit, I used the 32bit version of Camera Raw.

I DID NOT DELETE the original PS Elements 11 camera raw file.  I saved it, by moving it to another BUP folder which I had created. I copied the Camera Raw 8.2 version to where the old one had been.

Started up Elements 11 and loaded a RAW file. That opened up Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 (displayed ACR 8.2 in the top left corner) and it converted the RAW file.

NOTE: you do not get any of the extra Camera Raw functionality  that you would get if you had used PS CS6 or PS CC.

The converted file was sent into the Photoshop Elements 11 Editor. The Elements Editor recognized the file and I was able to edit and save it.

There was no noticeable difference in processing speed between using the ACR 8.2 and the version of ACR which installed with Photoshop Elements 11.

How did I learn of this being possible?

As I have often posted, Google is your Friend.

New Pentax K3 sample images and hands on review videos

Ricoh has released the latest Pentax DSLR, named the K3.

It is a top range APS-C DSLR. Thom Hogan referred to the latest Pentax DSLR as the Pentax D400, in reference to the much wanted (by Nikon users) but yet unavailable Nikon D400.

Ricoh, parent company of Pentax, has released sample images on Ricoh’s Japanese website.

There is another web page with Pentax K3 sample images on Ricoh’s Japanese website.

B&H Photo Video already has the Pentax K3 available for pre-order.

The following is a good video of a hands on review of the new Pentax K3. It is in Spanish, but it will give visual impressions of the features, looks and size of the Pentax K3. Not hard to follow along with this informative and well made video review.

Video is courtesy of Foro Pentaxeros and their YouTube channel

The following is a brief video review of the Pentax K3, in English this time.

Video courtesy of CNETTV and their YouTube channel

Canon 70D Real World review by a Wedding Photographer.

I find that there are too many marketing type reviews of camera gear. Real World reviews and tests are preferable, so I look for them.

Shooting weddings is demanding of both the photographer and his camera. This Real World review of the Canon 70D is by respected Wedding Photographer Tom Keotting.

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Canon 70D Video Autofocus Tests using a superb testing method

The person running these test has had access to a pre-production Canon 70 and now also a production model. I think that he has come up with a great way to test Video Autofocus.


Out on a highway.

A Bus on the highway is faster, than a human running towards the camera.

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Adobe video on Content-Aware move in their Learn Photoshop Elements 12 folder

Google found this page on Adobe’s Photoshop Elements Help page.

On that Adobe help page, scroll down near the bottom and find a link titled Video on content-aware moveClick on that link.

Check the web address, when that linked page opens. You will find that this video is in the Learn Photoshop Elements 12 folder.

Could this video be about a new feature in Photoshop Elements 12, like maybe Content-Aware Fill?

From this I assume that there might be a Photoshop Elements 12 released in the near future.

Disclaimer: The above was found by Google’s Search Engine. The search results are provided to the public by Google. I am just sharing what Google had found and makes available to the general public.

In-Depth comparison of the Canon 70D and the Nikon D7100

A detailed in-depth comparison of the Canon 70D and the Nikon D7100, was just made available by Majid Syed of

He refers to his video as being a “full” comparison and after viewing it you will agree.He covers real use differences, along with technical differences.

If you are considering either the Canon 70D or the Nikon D7100, then this video will likely answer a huge number of questions that you may have. It will also open your eyes to important things, which are rarely if ever  discussed in other reviews.

The comparison covers still photography and video shooting.

Low and High ISO performance differences are also touched on.

Video is courtesy of Majid Syed and his YouTube Channel.

Hands on review of the Canon 70D by DigitalRev which was also recorded using a 2nd Canon 70D

DigtalRev has some fun to watch and informative videos.One new video which is available on the DigitalRev TV Youtube Channel, is a hands on review of the Canon 70D.

The nonchalant style, spoken review is mostly about the still photography capability of the Canon 70D.

The surprise is that the entire review was recorded on another Canon 70D.

You get a still photography review and instantly see the impressive video recording capabilities of Canon’s newest model.

Video is couresty of DigitalRec Tv and their YouTube Channel

Detailed break apart diagrams (schematics) of Nikon F, F2, FM & FA SLR cameras

Deutsch: Nikon F Kamera mit Photomic FTn, Bauj...

Deutsch: Nikon F Kamera mit Photomic FTn, Baujahr 1970. Ausgestattet mit Nikkor 1,4/50mm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Old Nikon Repair manuals used to have wonderful break apart diagrams (schematics) of all the multitude of parts, which together made up a Nikon film SLR cameras. Continue reading

Real Word Review of Magic Lantern on a Canon DSLR.

Photo of the Canon EOS 50D Digital, from the back.

Photo of the Canon EOS 50D Digital, from the back. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magic Lantern is a open (GPL) platform to extend the capability of Canon DSLR firmware. It was originally targeted at improving video, but now includes improvements for both Still Photo and Video enthusiasts.

Magic Lantern does not replace the Canon DSLR firmware. It run along with the official firmware, while adding capability. Continue reading

Might be some compatibility issue between the Nikon D7100 and the Sigma 17-50 f2.8mm OS HSM and the Sigma 17-70mm lenses.

Deutsch: Sigma 17-70 mm f 2.8-4.5 Zoom

Deutsch: Sigma 17-70 mm f 2.8-4.5 Zoom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From reading a camera forum discussion, it seems that there may be some compatibility issues between a couple of Sigma lenses and the Nikon D7100. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 Review by DxOMark and Comparison to the Nikon D7000, Sony A77, Canon 60D, Pentax K5 mk2 & mk2S, Sony A99 and Canon 6D

DxO Labs has published their DxOMark test results for the new Nikon D7100 DSLR. The Nikon D7100’s overall score of 83 beat its current APS-C competition and surprisingly also scored higher than the new Full Frame Canon 6D. Continue reading

Superb Canon 6D real world review video

Tony Northrup posted his Canon 6D review on YouTube a couple of days ago. I really like his approach to doing a camera review. At almost one hour in length, this video is a very detailed look at the 6D.

He also compares it to the Canon 5D Mk2, Canon 5D Mk3, the Canon 7D and also the Canon 3Ti. There are comparison enlargements along the way, to see how the actual images differ between the different Canon DSLR models. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 photos. Studio comparison photos at all ISO settings. Plus indoor & outdoor photos gallery.

More Nikon D7100 photos have been posted. Digital Photography Review has received a production D7100. They also received “pre-release” D7100 support files from Adobe for Adobe Camera Raw.

They have a sample photo gallery with indoor and outdoor photos. They also posted their Studio Comparison Scene. There you can compare the Nikon D7100 to other brands and models of digital cameras. Continue reading

Nikon D7100 High ISO shooting Hockey, with the Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6. Scott Kelby shares his actual experience.

Video is courtesy of the Kelbymediagroup YouTube Channel

Scott Kelby is known for his fantastic Photoshop training. He has posted a YouTube video about his experience shooting Hockey, with the Nikon D7100 and the new Nikon 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 lens. His video is a nice real world insight into some of the capabilities of both the Nikon D7100 and the new Nikon 80-400mm lens.

Disclaimer: Nikon is not affiliated with this blog. Nikon does not endorse this blog or this blog post. Scott Kelby is not affiliated with this blog, nor does he endorse it. Any trademarks, brands and brand names are the property of their respective owners.

Nikon D7100 High ISO comparison images up to ISO 25600

Another set of sample images taken with the Nikon D7100. They are Still Life shots, with controlled lighting. The ISO ranges from a low ISO 100 to 25600 High ISO. I’m taken aback at the quality of the High ISO 25600 sample photo. Continue reading

Nikon D7100, many New High ISO sample images including evening photos shot outdoors.

A great resource for those interested in the new Nikon D7100. A photographer has posted a series of High ISO images taken with the Nikon D7100. Some of the  D7100 image sets were taken under controlled lighting. Other D7100 photo sets were shot outdoors in the late evening. Continue reading

More Nikon D7100 sample images. Including High ISO photos

More sets of sample images which were taken with the D7100, have been posted on the internet.

On one webpage, the D7100 sample photos include still life shots at various High ISO settings. You can also download some of the Nikon D7100 RAW files. Continue reading